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GEN. 2008

January 2008 - Chapter 1

This is a private web site. It is created especially for the descendants of emigrants living throughout the world ; people who do not know MICOTTIS from where their families - father, mother, grand parents, great grand parents - are issued. People who are seeking their own roots and who wish to know more about their dear old ones' birth's place.By this means, I hope that I will be able to make them learn more about MICOTTIS wirthout having to make the trip from their own place, and hope this will be usefull for connecting links and have a better approach to their origins.

"Learn more about MICOTTIS"

The following items will be treated on this web site.

- Picture of MICOTTIS
- The language spoken in this village
- Traditions and ways of life- History
- Movies- Presentation of inhabitants of the village
- Genealogic three of the people of MICOTTIS

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