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Chapter 7

The ex-emigrants' feast

Every year, on the last Sunday of July, there is a feast of the EX-EMIGRANTS.

Micottis takes part to this feast of the ex-emigrants in Lusevera like all the other villages of the Comune of Lusevera do.

Not only the local authorities are present at the feast, but one can aswell find exhibitions of local artists presenting their pictures, sculptures..; and a large range of local products such as mushrooms, honney and many other products of our area.

People enjoy themselves and can eat meat from the grill with the sound of music and dance, with various folk groups coming from other villages or even from abroard, and the music of young groups who play until very late in the night. The festivities start on Friday evening, continue on Saturday and end on Sunday evening.

This feast is even more lively with the return of the emigrants spread out througout the world and who come back home on this occasion, to their houses left empty. This return also means coming back to our own culture left aside ; one can fill himself with stimulations af the past who merge like a reseen movie ; a return to the good old sentors of the clean fresh air of the country side and the freshness of the woods. It is the moment to meet again with people who stayed here and those who came back from abroard to finish their lives here speaking «Ponasin» like before.


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