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Chapter 8


Our emigrants have been contacted by the means of camera and tape recorder from around 1965. In the multimedia present on this web site there are several movies that testify the events.

A short description of the movies in the multimedia :

NEUCHATEL Switzerland : At the beginning of the movie there are people from Micottis, then the movie cotinues with the “Grape-gathering Feast” an important event for the City of Neuchatel which starts on the first Sunday of October. Many people from Micottis know Neuchatel.

VIEUX-THANN Alsace France : It is a very important place where our people integrated very easily with the local populaton. Here, there was a “Foyer franco-italien” - a franco-italian home- which is imortalized in this movie. This home, -a long hutting with a modest restaurant, a chapel and quite many rooms, - was the lodgind for many emigrants from our village and people from other nationalities. It used to be an important meeting place for many people and a base from where to join other destinations. At the end of the movie, you can see a celebration of the Holy Communion of children of Vieux-Thann and of some children of our fellow-cityzen.

ZERMATT Switzerland : the Micottis family with some views of Zermatt, even from high above.

COTE D'AZUR France : We descend from the Swiss mountains to the French Riviera where there are people from our village.

ERMES & ANITA (New wed) Suisse : a little souvenir of an emigrant.

ALBINO & MARICA (New wed) Bienne Switzerland : a little testimony of an emigrant.

MOLARO AUGUSTO (so called “Bacan”, Micottis 1978, emigrant in Rixheim (France ).

JACKY a Swiss cityzen who emigrated to Lusevera coming from Neuchatel (Serrieres)

MARICA e MUSCICA of Radece Slovenia. A short stay with parents living in Micottis.

EMIGRANTS IN BIENNE Switzerland : they use to gather from times to times around a “fiasco” of good wine.

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