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marzo 2009

chapter 12


The Slavs used to come down the VALLE DEL TORRE to buy whatever was needed. In fact, they couldn't buy much as they were poor and had very little money. They would come down the path which is still visible today, on the western shore of the torrent Torre (See picture in PDF). May be this path was already usd in the 17th century.
the opposite shore of the torrent, there is nowadays a large and asphalted broad road. But, in the past, there was only a path which became a mulepath before it became the road we know as "
Via Crosis ". Accidents were very frequent at the time along these paths, on both sides of the present road. Many tragic events have been reported.
Slavs would come along these paths to join Tarcento. Coming on the East side of the river, the first houses they could see were the ones of CISERIIS (
see picture in PDF), and they could reach Tarcento after a couple of kilometers. On the opposite side, at the West, they would arrive first in ZOMEAIS, and then enter Tarcento without having to cross the Torre which flows along the city.

Both shores of the Torre widen up in Crosis. But the torrent is deep. The water is held back by a dam upstream and led to a power station. When it rains there is plenty of water coming out of the dam. It is a beautiful and spectacular waterfall called "cascata di crosis".

On the way back from Ciseriis to the Valle del Torre, the road called "Via Crosis" goes up for a little while and gets to a crossroad they call "Saint Oswald". Strait ahead you get into the Valle del Torre whereas turning on the rigth hand side, you will arrive at Villanova delle Grotte. A chapel dedicated tho Saint Oswald has been built there around 1600 and some vestiges can still bee seen. . (See picture)

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