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aprile 2009

lectronic translation, Italian-English
Chapter 14

I devote this chapter to the language of the ponasen.
The ponasen is an admixture of two languages, the
Slavic and the frioulan.
The book of reading written in ponasen used in the school of Lusevera is found in municipality of Lusevera.
Today in the school it is taught the slovenian language.
Here you see the cover and some page of the book.
Is to praise Mr.
Merk¨ Pavle and his daughter Jasna Merk¨ to have illustrated this book with simplicity and intelligence
On this site you have seen some times of the words written in ponasen but you don't know how they are pronounced, I will now try to make some word feel you in ponasen.
(multimedia PONASEN)

MICOTTIS YEAR 1800 - 1900

lectronic translation, Italian-English

The graph composed by accumulation of little balls (a little ball 1 man), it shapes the curve of longevity of the men gotten married. We have a peak between the 70 and 80 years.

As above, but this time shapes the longevity of the gotten married women, it seems that the women are less long-life, in reality there is probably a peak between 30 and 40 years of mortality due to the birth. If this were so we would have an equal longevity to that of the men

Here we notice that all the population, women and men not gotten married, maintain always the peak of the longevity between the 70 and 80 years of life, we notice also an increase of deaths between 20 and 40 years (every little ball a death), these young people are probably dead in war.

As above but here they are in cause the children, only a fifth reached the 2 years of life, the graphical characteristic goes from zero years to 10 (every little ball a child deceased).

Here the graph shows us the age in more(+) or less (-) years of his brides' in relationship to the bridegrooms men. Putting always the age of the men to zero.

Interval in years between the birth of a son and the next one, the numbers in
red are the interval years, the numbers in green are the numbers of the cases.

This time every little ball represents a family. The number represents the N░ of had children . A peak on 7 children is exalted for family (in this case 12 families had 7 children for family).

This graph is curious, it seems that people died more toward 1900, this result is simply the result of lack of data. The registry data begin then only toward 1800 in, it is possible that the corpses have not interest for which they have been simply ignored.

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