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3D vision



The stereoscopy serves to see photographies in the three-dimensional vision.

A STEREOSCOPIC camera makes two photos at a time replacing the eyes,
The two photos are taken at the same time but distant one from the other, at the same distance existing between an eye and the other.

To see these photos in 3D again, the two photos are channeled : the one on the left
(A) toward the left eye, and the one on the right (B) is channeled toward the right eye. Thus, you have a stereoscopic vision, a vision in three dimensions (3D).

To channel these photos toward the eyes, you need to put the photo on the left
(A) on the left eye and the photo on the right (B) to the right eye, and therefore you need an instrument called Stereoscope fig-2.
The 3D visions are excellent but they require a stereoscopic instrument as already mentionned above. The photos must be resized for every different instrument.

To know more about it, you will find a wide range on these instruments on the web.

With the crossig of the eyes there is no need of stereoscopic instruments to see in 3D-vision.

The technique of crossing the eyes is as easy as to learn to ride a bicycle ; at the beginning it seems impossible, but in the end it is a very easy thing.
Crossing the eyes is a healthy gymnastics for them: it is healthy to turn the eyes in every sense now and then. Your optician will be able to confirm it.

If you can cross the eyes and maintain them crossed, you will get a three-dimensional vision and will be able to enjoy in 3D your pictures, the ones taken by your children and any other photo taken according to the instructions given in the previous episodes on this site.

With the technique of crossing the eyes, the photos are the same as those in Stereoscopy, but to see in 3D the two photos have to be inverted , the one on the left is to go to the right
(A) and the one on the right (B) is to go to the lef ( fig 3).
By crossing the eyes there is no more need to channel the photos because the crossed eyes find the photos at the right place and the superposition of them allows a visualison in 3D

To learn how to cross the eyes, point you sight on a fingertip which you approach towards you nose.
After a couple on tries, you will be able to do so without the help of you finger.


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